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Teaching kids about law

The assignment

As a school project, we had to make a digital game for the KJRW, a Dutch law helpdesk for children and teenagers. The game had to inform the player about the KJRW, and make them feel safe with the organisation. There were multiple teams working on the same project, and in a contest setting, one game would be chosen the winner and be used by the KJRW.

The game

We developed a game where the player dives into the shoes of a KJRW employee. They are given multiple realistic questions, and have to delegate them to the right parts of the organisation. One question is left for themselves to solve. They do this by searching for clues in the KJRW office. Like a super hero, they have to navigate through the office, where they have to defeat evil monsters, and find clues hidden within the office. When they have found their way out of the office, they are once again presented with the same question, and three possible answers, out of which they have to choose the right answer.
This game won the contest, and was placed on the KJRW's website.

My work on the game

As lead programmer, I worked on most of the code, mainly on the platformer part of the game, where the player fights his way through the office. We worked with HAXE and OpenFL.
I also created all the sounds and music for the game. The voice acting in the game was performed by my team members.