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Thrill Rush

It's a wild roller coaster ride

The assignment

During my job at Team6, one of the tasks I had was technical implementation of all art for Thrill Rush. Thrill Rush is an old series of flash games that could be played on games websites. The client for this project, Spil Games, wanted a new version of the game for mobile devices.

The game

In Thrill Rush, the player controls a roller coaster cart on a crazy roller coaster track. The track goes right through streets and buildings in different environments, and the player has the simple task of trying to stay on the track. Players can buy and upgrade different carts and characters, which is needed to succesfully progress through the game. The game was mostly made from Uphill Rush, a game Team6 made together with Triangle Studios. Uphill Rush is very similar to Thrill Rush, except it features a water slide and has less interaction with the actual environment.

My work on the game

For this game, I had to figure out how Uphill Rush worked. It was a really large project, and a lot of the work was done by Triangle, so I needed to figure out how they had built up the project. I implemented all art created by our team of artists, and helped them figure out how to do some stuff so it could work together with the game. I also created some effects and shaders for the project, and wrote some small pieces of code to support functionality we had to add, but all the big functionality was done by a full time programmer.